Mint Julep Cleanser


When we moved to the new apartment (and raised our suggested donation) we wanted to gussy up everything we had been making. The old cleanser was a play on an Orange Julius complete with miniature soda fountain glass and colorful straw. The problem with the Julius though was that it conjured up images of malls and hot dogs and girls with unicorn stickers on their fingernails. So we moved instead to the scene of women in goofy hats, tiny little dudes and big horses.

Lime Sorbet:

1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice

zest of one lime

1 1/2 cups simple syrup

1/4 cup water

generous glug of vodka

Combine all ingredients and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. Process in an ice-cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions. Store in freezer for 4 hours or up to three days (will keep longer, but won’t be as smooth).

Bourbon Jello:

3 sheets gelatin

150 ml boiling-hot water

1/8 cup raw sugar (or to taste)

200 ml ice-cold bourbon

Place bourbon in freezer to chill. Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 minutes. Mean while, bring a pot of water to boil. Ring out gelatin sheets and place in heat safe pitcher. Add sugar and 150ml of hot water. Stir to dissolve. Add cold bourbon. Stir, taste and add more sugar if you like. Remember that the sorbet will be sweet/tart. Divide evenly among shot glasses. Let chill in fridge for about 4 hours or up to a day in advance.

Remove jellos from fridge, top with a small scoop of lime sorbet and garnish with mint leaves.

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6 Responses to “Mint Julep Cleanser”

  1. bluejeangourmet Says:

    holy crap. that is all I have to say, and I mean it in the best possible way.

  2. Another Foodie Says:


  3. foodtopiarecipes Says:

    Whoa. That sounds incredible. I’ll add this to the list of things I want to make when I borrow my friend’s ice cream maker (we swap things lol).

  4. Cheryl Velba Says:

    Love the recipes!

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    […] Palate Cleanser: The palate cleanser was a “mint julep”, or mint sorbet served over a bourbon jelly. Best jello shot I’ve ever had! For the recipe, check out Hidden Kitchen’s recipe blog. […]

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    mint simple syrup recipe…

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