Mmm, chicken stock cookies


At the old apartment when people would come over for Hidden Kitchen, we would have to keep Tatie tied up in the kitchen near us. While he had the comfort of his bed, he would still whine and complain that he didn’t get to mingle when each group of people would arrive. He would also fidget and get up every time we would reach for dishes from the cabinet several feet behind him. We felt such parental guilt that each week we would atone by designating an entire Tuesday morning for Tatie.

Tuesdays for Tatie usually started with a walk in the park Buttes Chaumont, a sprawling hilly park in the 19th. Once home, we would cook him his own meal. Usually the meal could consist of white rice, boiled chicken, roasted beets and creme fraiche. He would stand at the counter and stare while I plated his lunch in his bowl using an old ring mold and a squeeze bottle to drizzle creme fraiche. All this work was gone in less than a 60 seconds after which he would return to the kitchen with a creme fraiche mustache and search desperately for seconds.

The routine of Hidden Kitchen guests coming over must have sunk in, because now as soon as people arrive he slips into his bed and falls asleep. Four hours later he wakes up just in time to give bisous to the last of the remaining guests.

Since he doesn’t seem to be as tortured by the routine, his treats have become a little less elaborate. These cookies from Martha Stewart and made using homemade chicken stock which is both in the batter and also bushed over the cookies as they are baking. Tatie likes to sit near the oven as they bake and huff the chicken stock scent that steams out as they bake.

Here is the link for the recipe:

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2 Responses to “Mmm, chicken stock cookies”

  1. Dave Says:

    Wow, sounds delicious!

  2. Buttermilk Corn Bread and Yellow Tomato Jam « Hidden Kitchen Recipes Says:

    […] bus to the airport, followed by 3500 miles on a plane next to some curmudgeon who complained about Tatie, 5 hours stuck in Boston rush hour traffic, 2 days in New Hampshire where I seem to have developed […]

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