Juan’s wines of the month: September 2010


*each month Juan Sanchez, owner of La Dernière Goutte and Laura pick out some wines that are drinking especially well. Here are this months selections. Check out previous month’s selections here.

Mâcon produces a plethora of white wines, mainly chardonnay and most famously Pouilly-fuissé. Juan recently introduced me to this Mâcon-fuissé and we became friends immediately. This charming chardonnay is produced in the Mâconnais district, in the village of Fuissé. Domaine La Soufrandise’s “Le Ronte” cuvée is floral fruity and round, with zero oak, the perfect accompaniment to our fig and anchovy tart. I find this to be a lovely example of what French chardonnay can be with out any adornments. Braden and I literally fought over the half glass we had left in the bottle a couple nights ago. The good news is we can get more, and for only 12,9€ a bottle we’ll be seeing a lot of each other this fall.

Even though I’m making new friends, I’m also keeping up with old pals. I requested Juan’s favorite reasonably priced Pinot Noir and he immediately pointed to this 22.50€ Bourgonge from Domaine Ghislaine Barthod. Juan explained that this is his food friendly, go-to wine when he doesn’t know what an evening’s menu might present. I can definitely see why, as it’s a perfect showcase of the region with it’s delicate, yet complex flavor. A nice welcome back after several weeks in the States drinking big Zins and Cabernets.

Another favorite this month is the subtle 2009 Chinon from Chateau de Coulaine in the Loire. Cabernet francs are great for dishes like pork or chicken, when you could go with either a glass of red or white. And now that Fall is creeping in, we are leaning more often to glasses of red. I especially like this Chinon because it’s simple, clean with just the right amount of red fruit and spice. I think the Chinon pairs perfectly with Braden’s braised pork belly with walnut puree and pickled chilies. The 11.20€ Chinon will also round out my trio of new friends for the month.


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One Response to “Juan’s wines of the month: September 2010”

  1. kathy ball Says:

    it is marvelous to have sitre about win, i come from long line chiefs, cook, resturantiers, i was a teaCHER STILL LOVE TO LEARN AT 62.THANK YOU ,EVEN THOUGH I KNOW GOOD WINES THERE’S ALWAYS SO MUCH TO LEARN.LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR TEACING ME MORE ABOUT GREAT WINES. THANK YOU K. B.

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