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Our next project: Verjus [update]

September 30, 2011

Three weeks ago we hosted an opening night for friends and family at our new wine bar attached to our -soon to be open- restaurant. That same morning the city of Paris denied our restaurant license based on our VISA status. No license meant no serving food, no serving booze, no fun.

In the weeks that followed there were lots of tears, lots of lawyers, lots of paperwork as well as sympathy bottles of wine from Tim at Juveniles, sympathy bottles of champagne from Mark at Willie’s and sympathy sandwiches cooked up by Juan from La Derniere Goutte.

So with license in hand, ovens fired up, plates stacked and glasses polished, let’s see what other kind of drama we can get into. Verjus, our upcoming restaurant, will be opening in a month. Verjus Bar à vin opens this Tuesday October 4th and will continue to be open Tuesdays – Saturdays from 6pm to 11pm.

[update] We said September 12th, then we said October 4th, now we are saying Wednesday October 19th and we expect that you will believe us? We’ll, we are prepping some yummy bar snacks, opening some tasty bottles of wine and flipping the switch on the outside lights. So unless some killer squirrels from Palais Royal attack us or epic floods engulf the entire city of Paris, we will be open. We we hope that you will take our word this time and drop by Wednesday to say hello.

Hope to see you all soon,

Braden and Laura

Francesco’s sugo al pomodoro

May 14, 2010

We poured flour onto the wooden counter and formed a well in the center. We cracked three eggs into the middle of the well and scrambled the eggs with a fork. We then kneaded the flour and eggs for 10 minutes into a smooth dough, and wrapped the ball of dough in plastic wrap to rest for 30 minutes. It occurred to me that this was the perfect time to ask Francesco, a true Italian, why Italian’s refer to this pasta making process as “like making love to a woman”? He looked at me, somewhat surprised, and said in his deep Italian accented English “well, I think it’s obvious.”

Francesco’s Italian eatery, Olio Pane Vino, has been open for a few years now. In the dozens of times we have eaten there, the daily chalkboard menu has listed the same pasta dish only three or four times. “Did you learn to cook from your grandmother?” I asked him once. “No, I left my home in Sicily when I was very young”, he recalled. “I was broke and had to learn to cook whatever I could afford, whatever I could find.” Now Francesco spends his time finding and importing to France great Italian products. Recently I had an Amatriciana type sauce made with a spicy sausage from Sicily. “The guy makes it in Sicily then drives around Italy in his tiny van selling it.” “I convinced him to come to Paris so I could buy some.” The sauce was delicious, smokey and spicy with hints of paprika.


You’re the 1st, the last, my everything*

March 28, 2010


*This is part of a series where we highlight a full day of eating and activities in each arrondissement of Paris. We will start in the 1st (since we live in the first) and work our way around the snail.

The 1st is a funny little place. It’s the fourth smallest geographically, but since the Louvre, Tuileries, Palais Royal, Banque de France and Les Halles hog most of the real estate, there’s very little room for residents. The population of the 1st is 17,700 which makes it the smallest in population size, for comparison the 15th has 232,400.

Some highlights of the 1st are: rue Saint-Anne where a majority of the best Japanese owned businesses and restaurants are. Check out Kunitoraya, which is super tasty, or Higuma for the kimuchi lamen and some gyozas. There is also rue Montmartre which houses three out of the four main kitchen supply shops; Mora, La Bovida and A.Simon. Famed E. Dehillerin is just around the corner on rue Coquilliere.