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Smoking with Frenchie

July 26, 2010


He had me at hello. No seriously, I speak French like sling blade, so when Greg Marchand the chef at Frenchie in Paris said “Hello” in English, I was smitten. The meal that followed that night was one of the best examples of ingredient love and technique restraint that’s quite frankly hard to find in Paris. We started with the smoked trout, a mesquite smoked filet served over avocado puree with pickles and dill. Our main course was a pleasantly salty roasted fork tender pork over cranberry beans, with favas and baby carrots both sweet and still slightly crunchy. Dessert was a milky panna cotta just barely set and served with red fruit coulis and a topping of fresh raspberries.


Kitchen Playlist:* June 5th

June 5, 2010

*Laura and I blow through music like Lindsay Lohan and piles of coke. We have heard the 4+ hours of the Hidden Kitchen playlists so many times that we can time HK nights on which song is currently playing. Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, there is always a podcast or playlist on. Here is what’s on the boombox this week.


Kitchen Basics

May 29, 2010

I’m not a big fan of gadgets, you give me a piece of tinfoil and a bic lighter and I can cook you up something. Having said that, there are some tools that do improve your cooking and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. I’m guessing that somewhere in your kitchen there is a whole drawer of egg yolk separators, laser thermometers, mayonnaise cutters, steam buckets and left-handed ladles. I purged our junk drawer  and came up with this list of the essentials.