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Flour, Water, Flames & Child Labor

July 14, 2010

Recently Laura’s nephew S was asleep in his car seat when his mother pulled into a gas station here in MN. Beside the gas station was one of those tall steel lattice electrical towers. As S slowly started waking up, he looked out the window and with wide eyes said “are we in Paris?”

While S and his younger brother L are still both too young to come visit us in Paris, it hasn’t stopped us from teasing their interest by showing them picture books of the Eiffel Tower, watching Ratatouille and explaining the sail boats and trampolines of the Tuileries gardens.


Mmm, chicken stock cookies

April 13, 2010

At the old apartment when people would come over for Hidden Kitchen, we would have to keep Tatie tied up in the kitchen near us. While he had the comfort of his bed, he would still whine and complain that he didn’t get to mingle when each group of people would arrive. He would also fidget and get up every time we would reach for dishes from the cabinet several feet behind him. We felt such parental guilt that each week we would atone by designating an entire Tuesday morning for Tatie.