Our next project: Verjus [update]


Three weeks ago we hosted an opening night for friends and family at our new wine bar attached to our -soon to be open- restaurant. That same morning the city of Paris denied our restaurant license based on our VISA status. No license meant no serving food, no serving booze, no fun.

In the weeks that followed there were lots of tears, lots of lawyers, lots of paperwork as well as sympathy bottles of wine from Tim at Juveniles, sympathy bottles of champagne from Mark at Willie’s and sympathy sandwiches cooked up by Juan from La Derniere Goutte.

So with license in hand, ovens fired up, plates stacked and glasses polished, let’s see what other kind of drama we can get into. Verjus, our upcoming restaurant, will be opening in a month. Verjus Bar à vin opens this Tuesday October 4th and will continue to be open Tuesdays – Saturdays from 6pm to 11pm.

[update] We said September 12th, then we said October 4th, now we are saying Wednesday October 19th and we expect that you will believe us? We’ll, we are prepping some yummy bar snacks, opening some tasty bottles of wine and flipping the switch on the outside lights. So unless some killer squirrels from Palais Royal attack us or epic floods engulf the entire city of Paris, we will be open. We we hope that you will take our word this time and drop by Wednesday to say hello.

Hope to see you all soon,

Braden and Laura

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12 Responses to “Our next project: Verjus [update]”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Best of luck–hope all goes well! We hope to see you in early January.

  2. Sally Mann Says:

    Rocky start, hope it’s smooth sailing from here……. missing you!

  3. miscelainious1 Says:

    Best wishes for the opening! We’ll see you there soon!

    xxx Elaine & Murray

  4. Susan Ciolino Kelly Says:

    Gorgeous space, can’t wait to get there!

  5. Michael Teer Says:

    Wow you guys! Tom and Jackie are in Paris now. I sent them a link to your web site. Hopefully they can hook up.Congratulations!

    Michael and Pamela

  6. Brenda Esacove Says:

    We had the privilege of having dinner at Hidden Kitchen last Fall and walked away with memories we still talk about. Glad to know you have extended into your own restaurant and wine bar. Congratulations and much success

  7. Wendy Says:

    Congratulations! what an accomplishment for two americans in Paris. Hope to see you in November! xoxo Wendy and Charles

  8. the yummyblogsisters Says:

    Congratulations!! and well done for hanging in there, must have been nerve wrecking so close to the opening. Looking forward to visiting your bar à vin in the Autumn 🙂
    (looks great on the photos!)

  9. Chris Says:

    Braden/Laura – hey, just checking in…my wife and I came by tonight and all was dark. Any thoughts on when you guys will open things up?

    • hkmenus Says:

      Hey Chris, sorry about the darkness. We have been delayed by the city for another week. Our actual open date is now the 19th of October. I hope we see you guys then.

  10. Colin Says:

    Congratulations you guys. What a great achievement. The photos looks great so I’m looking forward to trying out the Verjus experience! Is it close to L’Entracte?, or further up towards MMM?

  11. Diane Strauss Says:

    it looks beautiful – wishing you the very best!!!

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